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Madre Coraggio (Mother Courage):
(Archcheater and vagabond Courage' admirable life)
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MOTHER COURAGE, that is «Archcheater and vagabond Courage' admirable life».

It is the same Mother Courage about whom treated Bertold Brecht in his omonimouswork.  But this time revisited in the original spirit. That is the integral translation, in cartoon-kee, of the original Hans Christian Von Grimmelshausen' work, that, through the anti-heroyne, and great bitch of that time, , Mother Courage, ponctually narrates the "Thirty years War", with relative historically real names and surnames, battlefields and alliances, passing through the bed of different captains, indifferently on both sides of the frontline.  It ends in glory, for Simplicius' ignominy and shame. 

Published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore in 1980, in the prestigious collection AL_BUM, in order to <<...wellcome that graphic humour that all over in the world, perhaps fed by the parallel violent growth of stupidity, knows nowaday a wild running.>>...  Can you imagine now a day???!!!

135 boards in b&w; ball pen,

text by Hans Christian Von Grimmelshausen,

adaptation, scrip and drawings by Jannuzzi.

original boards and international rights available.

High definition copies of the original boards are available for reproduction on paper , card, acetate, adhesive paper, also transparent, transfer for white/color, acetate, vinyle, canvas, disk, cd rom, supports; also in great scale dimensions.

 For import superior to 150 euros expedition is free.


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