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Mister Nabo:

A serie for children. The name "Nabo" is the nick-name of "Nabopolassar", one of antique Babylon's kings. In this way is explained the name's arcane.

Made with paint brush. conceived an accomplished in different espisodes, for a big Iraq Government Education Ministry's project of children alphabetization before Iran's war would arrest its production.

Notice: being produced for arab cultural area theese children-cartoons are to be read ( and looked at) from right to left.

mister Nabo 1Mister Nabo 2Mister Nabo 3MIster Nabo 4MIster Nabo 5Mister Nabo 6

original boards and international rights available.

High definition copies of the original boards are available for reproduction on paper , card, acetate, adhesive paper, also transparent, transfer for white/color, acetate, vinyle, canvas, disk, cd rom, supports; also in great scale dimensions.

 For import superior to 150 euros expedition is free.


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