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I just published <<Ma l'aria di città..>> (<<But the air of the city..>>)!!!!!!!!!!!! A cartoon? A roman in a cartoon-shape, witch is not the same thing. It's a work, meaning by this that in order to be able to produce it, it has been necessair the sinergy of a number of persons, to whom I bring endly my simple contribution. It's thanks to these persons that the work has been accomplished. A work that requires more than once….I started working on it so many years ago…at the end of the 70ies! Mine are the texts and the drawings, into such a wonderful, strong and convenient edition that only <<Hey Book&Look>> could make it! Great! .----<<Hej Book&Look>>: post box 1041- 20101 Milano, - tel.3398064739, 3496792524.

150 pages in b&w, 25 euros of cover -price. Distributed in Italy by Milano <La Borsa del Fumetto> and Leoncavallo Social Centre in the "Cartoons-stores", and by <EdiQ Distribuzione> in the librairies. Naturally it'possible to demand it directly at the following (my) mail-address: <>, in witch case I will be glad to "dedicace it" with an original drawing…It can be. I take this beautiful chance to communicate that, starting from the next few days, on this site will be freely disposable the complete <Fumetti dell'orrore> (Horror cartoons)…Have a nice time!

t' s available "Le 11.000 Verghe"
: a "'must" of "author's erothic cartooning".
A G.Apollinaire's text stronger than De Sade Marquese !
Adapted in cartoon by Vincenzo Jannuzzi, defined by Santi Urso as <<... the most genial and intemperate amon contemporary dessiners....>> .
A work that can not lack from the shelfs of the most refined worshippers of this cult. A gift-work, in this new precious edition (2006), limited, numbered and autographed edition; with the possibility, on request to obtain it with a personalized dedication, with an original drawing by the author, together with the autographed dedication, on this fourth italian edition. A work already well known and appreciated within the most refined european circuits.

It's possible to receive it countersign, with a special author's discount of 33,33% on the cover-price (69 euros) ordering it the adress
: ,

, or at the other adresses that you find on the present site.


Of all the works exposed in this site are available:

* ORIGINAL BOARDS, for sale, for exhibitions,, reviews, expositions, re-productions, etc.

* HIGH DEFINITION REPRODUCTIONS, on paper, plastic, electronic, or canvas support; in the most various formats; for pubblications, posters, set & stage designing, blow up posters, author's panels, signed walls and surfaces, etc...

* RE-ESECUTION AND RE-ELABORATION OF THE ORIGINAL THEMES ON COMMISSION, for animations, <<action-paintings>>, sceneries, settings, signed surfaces and walls, etc.  

* ESECUTION  OF NEW THEMES ON COMMISSION, or re-elaboration and adaptation of the original themes, for animations, <<action-paintings>>, sceneries, settings, signed walls and surfaces, etc.  

* "ON LINE" PERSONALIZED COURSES of cartooning, illustration, scenario, color's technique.