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title: The piano lesson

client:  Five Records; Stefano Priori art buyer 

ecoline and aerographo on Schoeller; cm 35x50

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Not all originals are available. Many of them are spread among numberous private and public collections.

High definition copies of the original boards are available for reproduction on paper , card, acetate, adhesive paper, also transparent, transfer for white/color, acetate, vinyle, canvas, disk, cd rom, supports; also in great scale dimensions.

 For import superior to 150 euros expedition is free.


It's possible to require the making or the re-making of the original themes; on walls, sceneries or big size canvas, installations,  etc. all over the European Community area without any particular burocratical proceedings. For transfers beyond such area a previous necessair proceeding has to be followed (logistics, warranties, visas, insurances , etc..) 

The present exposition will progressively grow during the time with the addiction or the new future, in order to allow a more complete "vision" of the rather wide production.

N.B.: per gli acquirenti che lo stimassero interessante, le opere acquistate potranno essere denominate con il loro nome (e cognome), o con il nome di una persona da loro prescelta. 

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